3 Tips for Remaining Creative While Executing an SEO-Driven Content Strategy

Have you been struggling to keep the creative juices flowing while executing an SEO-driven content strategy? While it certainly presents a challenge, there's no reason you can't remain inventive while still putting your best SEO foot forward crafting content. 

The ebb and flow of the creative process can be tricky to balance when executing a content strategy that is primarily driven by SEO. But that doesn't mean creativity needs to be extinguished to accomplish your SEO or ranking goals. Here are three ways you can stay creative while delivering a content strategy that's mainly focused on SEO and organic growth. 

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3 Tips for Remaining Creative While Executing an SEO-Driven Content Strategy

While delivering a content strategy that's primarily driven by SEO may seem like a tedious and unimaginative way to create content, there are a few ways you can remain inventive and imaginative when writing. Here are three tips to make the content crafting experience more enjoyable and fulfilling while still hitting your SEO goals. 

1. Enlist experts to infuse energy into the process

If you've been given a topic to write about that you know absolutely nothing on, you can easily do some surface level research, trudge through the project, and deliver an assignment that achieves the keyword-driven goals you've been tasked with. But that's no fun. Instead, try to find an expert within your company or network that you can tap to help with the assignment. Their natural excitement and love for the topic they've devoted their life to is bound to rub off on you, making the process much more enjoyable. And the content will be a lot more compelling too. 

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2. Make the impersonal personal

There are many topics, especially ones that are focused on driving SEO results, that are inherently rigid or staid. How-to blogs are a perfect example. But that doesn't mean you can't inject some personality or creativity within the post in either the intro, body, or closing paragraphs. Try to find a unique way to introduce the topic at hand, since everything has already been written about before. Use your creativity and voice to connect with the reader, or try a new approach when it comes to making the topic relatable. You'll have more fun while still hitting your SEO goals, and the reader will enjoy the post more too. 

3. Come at your topic from a different angle

You don't necessarily have to follow the SERP (search engine result page) when thinking of how to frame the topic you've been assigned as part of an SEO-driven content strategy. Try to come at it from a different angle than your predecessors. What's important to remember as a writer is that your post doesn't have to perfectly mimic what you see on page one of a SERP to rank. One example would be a blog outlining the five reasons why you don't need SEO, which in turn could be a blog providing five reasons why you do need SEO, albeit in a creative and playful way. Experiment. Try new things. Just remember to hit your keywords and everything will be OK (and more fun and creative). 

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