BY entrepreneurs, FOR entrepreneurs.

It is the single most important statement you should consider when deciding to work with us.  Although we excel at Marketing, Web Design, Advertising and Research, our superpower is entrepreneurship. We understand the challenges of starting and growing a business. We know how to pivot during downturns and pandemics. We’ve experienced the tug of wars with budget, time poverty, staffing and keeping the tax man happy. Everything we do is inspired by a business problem we’ve faced. Everything we deliver comes from a solution we created, digitized and successfully executed.  When you work with us, you’re engaging fellow business owners who see your potential, understand your struggles and come equipped with the knowledge, experience and tools to help you unlock the best versions of yourselves and your company.

What We Stand For


Leave people better than we found them.  That's it. 

We solve business problems and grow business using Marketing and Technology.  We then educate and empower every client, every vendor and every teammate with the right tools, knowledge and mentorship to maximize probability of success. We use our mission and vision as a compass for decision making, how we react to situations, who we choose the hire and where we put our energy. We unveiled our mission and vision in 2021 and have strengthened and solidified it's principals since then. 

  • To solve business problems and create opportunities for the inspired entrepreneur. 
  • To level the playing field. 
  • To find a path for every idea. 
  • To create, facilitate and inspire legacy. 
  • To attract and develop a family of like minded 


Why should you choose StyleLabs?  Well... first of all, we are actually choosing each other.  We spend a lot of time during the consultation process getting to know each other and project planning your new website and marketing platform. We do things differently.  This is actually why the efficacy of our campaigns is so high. The reality of it is, you have a lot of options.  

  • You can build something for free (but remember, you get what you pay for)
  • You can hire an independent contractor or a web designer.
  • You can consider offshore. 

Clients work with us because:

  • We are local.  Currently we serve Calgary, Vancouver, Kelowna, Red Deer and Airdrie.  We are in the process of building a new office in Santa Monica in California. 
  • We've been in business for over a decade and we have a stellar track record. 
  • We've been through the entrepreneurial struggle and thrived (not just survived) 
  • We help our clients generate 100's of milllions of dollars in revenue annually. 
  • We have a 90% retention and success rate. 
  • Our team has over 100 years of marketing, web and business building experience. 

We get you, because we are you. 


This is not our first company.  Since graduating from University, Salina and Almin have successful launched multiple ventures including a full service marketing research company, online communities in the research, skilled trades and fitness space as well as an investment fund designed to help entrepreneurs materialize their visions. Faisal Karmali (Real Talk, Karmali Exchange) interviewed Salina and Almin where they take you on their journey from inspiration to execution. 


You won't be hiring just a web designer to build a website nor hire a marketer to build your digital presence - You will have both and much more! What makes us different is that we are Entrepreneurs that specialize in marketing and technology.

There's a certain amount of maturity and experience you need in order to build a functioning ecosystem. You need someone who's been there, who's failed, rebounded, and succeeded. You need someone who understands where the blind spots are and how to mitigate them. Could StyleLabs be a good fit? Only one way to find out - contact us below, book a FREE Consultation, or call us at 1-855-681-1932.

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