4 Major Mistakes of DIY Website Design

Are you going to attempt to create your own company website? Here are the 4 biggest mistakes of a DIY website design and how working with a professional web development company can help save you time and money, while growing your business.

Whether you own a huge business, or you’re investing in a start-up, a question will likely pop up in your mind: Do you really need a website for your company? Of course, the answer is yes. We live in a digital world and it has become common nature for people to go online and check out a company or brand before hiring them or purchasing their products.

If you are on the fence about investing in website design for your company, here are some of the reasons why you cannot succeed without a website:

  • Modern customers expect it
  • Your business will gain credibility
  • It makes your company accessible around the clock
  • You’ll be able to target a wider audience
  • It helps you gain a competitive edge within your industry

Our Calgary Web Development Company Can Help With All Your Website Design Needs

At Stylelabs, a leading web development company in Calgary, we understand just how important quality website design is for the success of your business. We offer a wide range of digital marketing services, such as website design, SEO, blog writing, and reputation management, to create every advantage your company needs to grow and succeed in this competitive environment.

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4 Biggest Mistakes of DIY Website Design

With the rise of website building platforms, it is now easier than ever for businesses to create and own a website. These design tools provide templates that can be used to customize a website in just a few minutes, but sadly, the result is not always impressive.

Many DIY websites look unprofessional and are plagued with issues that affect their performance. If you are considering a DIY website design project, here are some of the common mistakes you should watch out for:

1. Non-Responsive Web Design

Many DIY web designers forget that the larger online community surfs the web using mobile devices. This means that when you build a website using a simple drag and drop desktop editor, you are locking out a lot of potential customers from accessing your website. If you aren’t conversant with building a mobile-friendly website, then you should consider hiring a professional website developer.

2. Poor Branding

Your website should reflect your brand’s personality. However, DIY design tools fail to integrate key branding elements, such as logos, on your website, but these visual cues anchor your web presence across multiple platforms, including social media. That’s why it’s essential to work with a professional website designer, who can reinforce your brand’s values and online visibility through cohesive branding.

3. Poor Search Engine Optimization

What good is your website if no one sees it? SEO helps websites rank higher on search engines, such as Google, making it more likely that potential customers will view it. Most DIY website building platforms offer too little from an SEO perspective, and if you don’t have any knowledge of this, it is difficult to incorporate various elements of SEO into your website.

For this reason, you should consider hiring an SEO service to improve your search engine ranking.

4. Lack of Credibility

Most programs for DIY web design provide free templates that you can use to create a website in just a few clicks. While this can save you time, these cheap templates will make your website appear generic and very similar to other sites. In addition to this, the aesthetics of such websites are poor, which could be a blow to your online credibility.

Website Design That Helps Your Business Grow

In today’s online world, business websites are competing aggressively against each other. If you want to stand out from the crowd and get the most from your website design, the best step you can take is investing in expert web development services.

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