Canada Talent Search: Our Champions

It all started with a pitch...

One of my clients wanted us to prove to them that our contesting technology worked.  They didn’t believe that with an incredible website, social media and passion a community could be built and grown in a short period of time.  

Thanks to Paul Anthony, our first client (over a year ago), we’ve had the opportunity to work closely with athletes, trainers and models in the fitness industry.  Of all the campaigns we’ve worked on, one thing remains consistent; personal branding is key to succeeding as a competitor and trainer.  

I had the opportunity to go the the WBFF worlds, have conversations with industry leaders and understand its success at a very molecular level... 

Work super-hard, intend to contribute and leverage social media to optimize and distribute your content.   

The intent of this contest was two-fold:  

First, to prove that what we do works.  We attracted over 12,000 unique visitors, ranked 1,2,3,7 and 8 on page 1 of Google and had close to 100 contestants submit profiles (we only accepted 24.)  What we do works and this contest helped us prove it.  

Second, and equally important, was to help people, who were already helping themselves.  These were people who work tirelessly at sculpting themselves to a point of near perfect condition and then market their passion and knowledge to promote their personal brand and inspire others.  People we consider to be Key Opinion Leaders.  People that can be looked up to!  

Every contestant on Canada Talent Search blew us away!

Whether it was Chelsea’s transformation, Sarah’s entrepreneurial fire, Meghan’s fundraising or Beverly’s passion, each one of you inspired, motivated and touched somebody through your entry in this contest.  

Judging was not easy.  50% was based on voting and the other 50% on our panel of judges.  What the votes showed us, was that you made an effort to promote yourself and call your personal/professional/extended network to action.  The judges, based their   decision on the quality (and completeness) of your entry, how you’ve positioned yourself online and your ability to communicate your passion.  Thank you all for your participation.

When all the votes were in and the judges submitted their nominations, five contestants prevailed.  We announced this earlier today.  Of the five, three outstanding individuals were evidently all winners.  So we did some shuffling, spoke to the contestants and awarded three prize packages to our three winners.  

Congratulations and the utmost respect to:

  1.  Carol Bushfield
  2.  Meghan Rae
  3.  Channa Serenity

On an incredible campaign!  You all deserve this win and infinite success in your endeavors!  

A sincere thank you to all of our sponsors:

  • Heather Robertson
  • Paul Anthony
  • Dynamis
  • Shauna Sky
  • White Cedar
  • Gord Weber
  • Tannis Miller  
  • Pink Elephant Photography
  • Fashionsign Magazine

Without your generous contributions, this contest would not have been possible.

I’d also like to acknowledge our Stylelabs branding/development team:

  • Sinan Ghareb
  • Matt Kuypers
  • Doug McLean
  • Alana Thorburn-Watt

For an extraordinary job, hours of technical support, innovation and attention to detail invested into this project.  It is a privilege working with you all.  

See you all next year!

Almin Kassamali

Chief Imagination Officer - Stylelabs


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