Entrepreneurial Fire

When I was a kid, my Dad used to tell me often, that he didn't see the fire in my eyes.   That I didn't have that fear in the pit of my stomach.  Yesterday, I got to thinking...Know why we run faster when we are chased? It's because our body starts pumping adrenaline into our system and propels us.  Mark Cuban said it best:  
"Work like someone's trying to take it all away from you.  Run like someone's chasing you.  And you'll fly."  

Here's what that means to me:

  1. No matter what your job, lead without title.  Consider your work a privilege and test it accordingly, because it could be gone one day.  
  2. If you have kids, commit time to them. Love them like they will outgrow this stage and won't want to hang out with you anymore.  Invest in them knowing that if you don't you will be sending them into the "war of life" disarmed.  
  3. Wake up every day, like it's got last.  Take care of yourself.  Sleep well, eat well, exercise.  Cause it very well could be.  

Love your family passionately and authentically.  Work super hard.  Love every day like it's your last.  


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