How Our Roots In Market Research Benefit Our Marketing Clients

Learn how our founders' roots in quantitative and qualitative market research gives StyleLabs an edge when it comes to providing you with marketing services and customer insights.

Why Understanding Your Customers Is More Important Than Ever

The ability to understand what customers want is more essential than ever in the era of search. 

Studies, such as Google's "Meeting Customers' Expectations In A Personalized World" have consistently shown that searchers often expect to be provided with highly tailored information.

That’s why, in addition to our thorough examination of keyword rankings, website traffic, social media engagement, ad performance, and more, our roots in market research are just one more way we can help you ensure that your marketing efforts are delivering customers exactly what they want. In this post, we'll explain exactly how.

StyleLabs and eStyle, Our Sister Company 

Most of our clients know that StyleLabs can create customized websites that provide visitors with an amazing user experience. We've also consistently helped our customers rank--and stay--on the front page of Google. In addition to our strong background in web design, and custom web development, we provide full-service marketing. 

However, StyleLabs wasn't our founders’, first time in the marketing industry. Prior to founding StyleLabs, Almin and Salina created eStyle, a market research company.

eStyle conducted market research for a wide range of companies, from Fortune 500s to local businesses. After over a decade, eStyle shifted away from in-person focus groups to focus on market research consulting. Our founders' experience with eStyle’s helped shape StyleLabs as an organization, as well as our values.

Like eStyle, StyleLabs has an unwavering focus on helping companies gain insight into what both individual and broad groups of customers expect and prefer. As a marketing company, StyleLabs is able to turn those insights into effective websites as well as efficient, high-ROI marketing campaigns.

4 Ways Our Roots In Market Research Benefit Our Clients

1. We Know The Importance Of Research-Based Marketing

We know firsthand the importance that cold, hard facts make when choosing between marketing initiatives or fine-tuning a campaign. When you choose to work with StyleLabs, you can rest assured that decisions are being made based on verifiable insights. This can include not only the latest industry research but research that is done in-house in accordance with industry best practices.

2. We Can Conduct Market Research Interviews

If you're considering refining or updating your service options and would like to know what your customers think?

Our Director, Almin, is a trained, qualified, and experienced focus group moderator. This has enabled StyleLabs to interview our clients’ customers in one-on-one or small group settings. 

This has helped clients gain actionable insights on:

  • what potential customers are looking for in a product
  • how to make the customers’ buying journey more comfortable and streamlined
  • existing customers’ experiences and opinions with the client’s product or service

In addition to being able to gather this highly personalized and in-depth information, StyleLabs is able to quickly and efficiently act on it. 

3. We Have The Tools To Provide You With A Rapid Overview Of Customer Preferences

eStyle built online panels of survey respondents in three major cities--Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto. We also have panellists in other areas throughout the Southern Alberta region. These individuals, who are from a broad range of demographics, respond to online surveys in exchange for points and prizes. In addition to conducting surveys through eStyle, StyleLabs has also conducted larger surveys' with clients own customer lists.

eStyle is able to send surveys out to these panels, and obtains a high open and response rate to these surveys, providing you with a significant amount of data quickly and cost-effectively.

These surveys have been used to:

  • determine whether your customers fully understand all aspects of your product/service (for example, a nuanced financial product)
    • create informative content to fill any common knowledge gaps
  • determine how your customers heard about your product/service, and how they would prefer to receive future messaging about it (online, out of home media, radio, etc.)
    • develop a campaign to reach customers via the best mediums
  • what customers like and dislike about the buying process
    • help optimize the buying journey to maximize leads
  • gain insight into customers’ thoughts, opinions, and experiences related to your products and services

4. We Understand The Importance Of Email Marketing

Our experience sending out surveys and emails to encourage high show rates at focus groups since 2001 means that we have long known the importance of sending personalized messages, and reaching individuals right in their inbox. Additionally, we have always kept abreast of the latest trends in email marketing. Check out our blog post on email marketing here. 

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