How to Boost Your SEO by Writing Proper Meta Descriptions

Not quite sure what a meta description is and how it can help boost your site's SEO? Well you're in luck, because that's all we're going to be talking about in our article this week. 

Meta descriptions can make or break your site's SEO. While keywords and backlinks rightfully get a lot of attention in the SEO community, writing proper meta descriptions for your pages can give your site the extra little boost it needs to become an SEO workhorse. 

Digital marketing is an extremely affordable and effective way of engaging potential customers and when done properly by an SEO expert, it can help:

  • Increase your conversion rates
  • You reach a wider audience
  • Lower your overall marketing costs
  • Allow you to customize your marketing messages according to individual interests

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What are meta descriptions? 

Meta descriptions are snippets of code that provide a brief summary of that specific page. The technical term is HTML attribute, but we don't need to get into that. Search engines like Google will usually include the meta description for a page within their search results, which can play a big part in influencing user click-through rates. 

How long should a meta description be? 

While a meta description can technically be any length you want, Google will usually cut the ones they use in their search results at about 150-160 characters. So that's generally a good rule of thumb to follow. The important thing to remember about a meta description is that you need to accurately — and enticingly — summarize the page that it applies to without going into too much detail. You want people to click your page after all! 

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I thought I read meta descriptions aren't a Google ranking factor?

While Google has previously said that meta descriptions don't factor into their ranking algorithms, that doesn't mean you shouldn't do them. No one knows for certain what Google uses in their algorithms, otherwise everyone could be an SEO expert. What we do know is that meta descriptions can play a big part in influencing click-through rates, which in turn can have a positive effect on your page rankings. And if your competitor is filling out meta descriptions and you aren't, it could be the deciding factor between being on page one and page who cares. 

How to write a good meta description: make it compelling!

In the end, a meta description is simply an extension of your marketing copy. You need to make sure that what you put there will be relevant to the people who are searching for your products or services, and that they'll be compelled to click on your page instead of someone else's. Keep your copy concise, clear, and above all else, enticing. Give the person on the other end of the screen what they're looking for, and a reason to click on your page. One easy way you can stand out from others is by bolding the exact keyword that's associated with the page you're trying to rank for. For example, if your keyword or key phrase is "Calgary digital marketing company" then your meta description for your home page would have it look like this in Google's search results: StyleLabs is a Calgary digital marketing company that specializes in SEO and web design. 

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of what a meta description is and how it can help boost your SEO. Just remember that a meta description is basically an extension of your marketing efforts, and you should treat it like such when crafting one. 

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