The 7 Components of User Experience

Wondering how you can improve the user experience (UX) of your site? While there's a lot of dissenting opinion among how to do so, there's a general consensus on the components that make it up. Here they are. 

The importance of user experience (UX) cannot be understated. Just take a look at Apple and how they changed the digital world with their inventive and highly user-friendly products back in the beginning of the aughts. While UX may be interpreted differently by each person, there are seven main components that are universally agreed upon which must be factored in when designing something for public consumption. Here's what those seven components are. 

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The 7 Components of User Experience (UX)

As a digital marketing and web design company in Calgary, we've seen our fair share of unfriendly websites when our clients first come to us to build them a brand new one. The previous sites are clunky, unresponsive, don't take mobile into consideration, and generally leave the people who come across them frustrated. While we love building beautiful sites, we understand that aesthetics will only get you so far. Sites need to be fun to use and provide the user with everything they're looking for. That's why we always consider the following seven UX components in everything we do. 

1. Useful

Your product or website has to be useful for people to derive joy or pleasure from it. Why else would they want to engage with it? While usefulness is subjective in nature, the main thing you want to consider when bringing a product to market or designing a website is that the person on the other end will find that it improves their life, whether it be for fun or work. 

2. Usable

Your product or website needs to be usable for people to like it. A good example of this is the first MP3 players that came out. While they beat the iPod to market, they weren't nearly as usable as the generation defining device Steve Jobs and Apple unleashed on the world. If your product or site is tough to navigate or use, people will drop it for something that isn't. 

3. Findable

If you can't find something you can't use it enjoyably. In our digital world — and particularly when it comes to websites — if a user can't find the information they're looking for quickly they'll be onto the next site in a heartbeat. That's why Google has turned into an absolute behemoth when it comes to the search engine (and everything else online it seems) landscape. 

4. Credible

Think of the brands you trust the most. What have they done to gain that trust? Most likely they've delivered on what they've promised in their advertising and provided products or services that live up to your expectations. That's exactly what credibility is all about. If you can't provide information that's accurate on your website then people will feel as though they've been duped and will never return. There are many fish in the online ocean after all. 

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5. Desirable

Toyota and Lexus are owned by the same company. But a Lexus is much more desirable because of the added features and better design that is put into these vehicles. While both a Toyota Camry and a Lexus LC 500 tick off all the above UX boxes, if you were to give a consumer a choice between the two and money wasn't a factor, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who chooses the Camry. Desirability is a combination of marketing, branding, and design. As more people find a product or site desirable and boast about owning one, others will see it that way too. 

6. Accessible

Having a product or website that's accessible to every user doesn't rank as high on the UX index as it probably should. For people with disabilities, a product or site that's inaccessible to them is quite heartbreaking. Think of video game controllers. Someone who has a deformed hand or who is missing one of theirs can't enjoyably play the games. By making your product accessible to everyone, you'll most likely be making it easier for everyone else to use too. 

7. Valuable

Wrapping up the list is arguably the most important UX component of all. If your product or site doesn't offer value to the person using it, then why would they continue to do so? Bear in mind that you must also strike a balance between the cost of a product or service and the value it provides. If your product costs $50 and it solves a $500 problem then people will be happy to purchase it. But if it costs $500 to fix a $50 problem, not so much. 

In the end, if your product or website can reliably check off the above boxes when it comes to what it offers a potential user then you'll be in a good position to capitalize on all the blood, sweat, and tears you've put into producing it. 

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