The Benefits Of Email Marketing

Digital marketing conjures up images of SEO, social media and lots of blog posts, but it’s so much more than that.

From the start, a good digital marketing agency will build you a website that converts and acts as a stand-in for your physical presence: dynamic, engaging, and helpful. But it doesn’t end there: you need to direct traffic to your website, or what good is it? That’s where search engine optimization and social media come in. They exist to guide people back to your content. But along with organic search results, email marketing is the number one way to drive people to your site. Surprised? It can seem less like it’s “out there” on the Internet because it acts as a sort of home base, but email has more than proved its worth over the years.

Why You Need To Do Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool that has four main purposes:

1. Social Proof And Brand Loyalty

Thanks to Canada’s anti-spam laws, the people on your email list want to be there! That’s great news for email marketing. Connecting to your customers through email increases the chance they’ll see your content and just the act of keeping your brand in front of them will increase recognition.

Google’s algorithms give priority to content with good social proof: that is, lots of shares and engagement like linkbacks. While they won’t admit it, studies have indicated that lots of shares on G+ and Facebook (owned by Google) result in higher rankings. Offering share buttons or asking your audience to share your content from the email will help boost your rankings all around.

2. Increase Reviews

Asking your customers to reviews your services is particularly easy to do in email marketing. Emails seem personal: they arrive in your dedicated inbox, which feels private compared to viewing a webpage out on the open Internet. This can make people more likely to respond to requests for reviews or to share content. 

People who are already familiar with your brand and services are more likely to visit more than one page on your website or to take further action (engagement), which reduces your bounce rate, another factor in your rankings. So even though email doesn’t seem like it’s related to something like SEO, it can have a big impact.

3. Boost Content

Typically email newsletters offer fresh content with links to new blog posts, services, and specials. This fresh content doesn’t have to stay in email though! Creating an indexable newsletter archive can boost your rankings and increase engagement if the content is relevant and adds value. And email marketing allows you to boost your other content by reminding your audience about features and services, offering specials and discounts that will direct people back to your features and services, and of course, sharing new content like blogs with them. Email marketing lists provide a built-in audience for this.

4. Create Better Content

Thanks to segmentation, email marketing can be a great testing ground for content options. Try different headlines and even topics to see what interests your audience more before expanding the content to your blog or website. You can even use polls in your emails to pose questions directly, like what improvements they would like. This can lead to more relevant content.

Why A Professional Should Do It

You probably write multiple emails a day. It’s the preferred method of business communication among millennials and it’s easy to use from desktop to mobile. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should be running your own email marketing campaign. As with any other aspect of marketing, there’s a lot of factors that go in to running a good campaign, from time of day to headline to segmentation. Hiring a digital marketing agency like StyleLabs can get you better results with less stress.

See The Stats

Marketing seems like it’s all about creativity and energy, and it is. But it’s also largely about statistics. There’s a lot of information to parse to create effective campaigns. For instance, what’s the click-through rate on email campaigns in your industry? Should you spend time and money on video to add to your emails? Doing internet marketing well requires a professional and chances are your expertise lies elsewhere. You’d rather be growing your business than crunching the numbers related to impressions and engagement, click-throughs and conversions. But it’s our job to.

While it can vary by industry, a 25% open rate is a good conversion. That may sound low, but checking email isn’t a primary activity: people do it while doing other things, like watching television. So holding their interest is even tougher. But statistics show us that segmented email has a higher open rate and a much higher click-through rate, and that as much as 51% of new visitors discover your website through email. Don’t leave this important aspect to chance: have a professional create an email campaign for your online marketing needs.

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