The Most Common Mistakes of DIY Web Design

Do you plan on creating a website for your company on your own? Before you do, here are the three biggest DIY web design mistakes that you'll want to do your best to avoid. 

Nowadays it doesn't matter what you do, your business needs a website. This holds true for large corporations and tiny startups. In the ever increasing online world we all live in, people are quickly searching the brands or businesses they plan on spending their hard earned cash on. You'll want to make sure what they come across is credible, impressive, and informative. DIY web design sometimes misses the mark on all three.

If you are on the fence about investing in website design for your company, here are some of the reasons why you cannot succeed without a website:

  • Modern customers expect it
  • Your business will gain credibility
  • It makes your company accessible around the clock
  • You’ll be able to target a wider audience
  • It helps you gain a competitive edge within your industry

Our Calgary Web Development Company Can Help With All Your Website Design Needs

At StyleLabs, a leading web development company in Calgary, we understand just how important quality website design is for the success of your business. We offer a wide range of digital marketing services, such as website design, SEO, blog writing, and reputation management, to create every advantage your company needs to grow and succeed in this competitive environment.

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The Most Common Mistakes of DIY Web Design

There's no shortage of online platforms for you to choose from when it comes to designing a website for your business. While these platforms are easy to use and provide templates for quick customization, the end result of your hard work is usually underwhelming. 

The majority of these DIY websites convey an unprofessional look which hurts the credibility of your company. They are also prone to performance issues which will severely hurt your rankings. So before you embark on a DIY web design project for your business, here are the main three mistakes you need to be aware of:

1. Unresponsive Design 

Nearly half of all web traffic is now conducted on a mobile device. This is often lost on DIY web designers. So when you begin to build your site using the simple drag and drop tools most design platforms provide, you may be unknowingly inhibiting a wide swath of your potential customer base from easily accessing or navigating your site. And if people can't use your site easily on their phones or tablets, they're going somewhere else where they can.

2. Detrimental branding

When you set out to design your site for your business, you probably imagine that it will properly reflect the branding you've worked so hard to create. Sadly, most DIY web design platforms fall short of fully integrating important branding elements such as logos and colours on your site. This hurts your overall online presence as customers look for branding to be consistent across the digital sphere, which includes your social media accounts.

If the branding on your site is incongruous with all your other branding elements both online and offline, potential customers will get confused and be hesitant to trust you. That's why hiring a professional web designer who is able to seamlessly keep your branding cohesive across all channels and mediums is crucial for your visibility and brand awareness.

3. Bad search engine optimization

If no one comes across your website then what good is it doing your business? With search engine optimization, your site is more likely to rank higher on Google and other search engines, leading to higher visibility and increased web traffic. The majority of DIY web design platforms don't put much thought into this element of the sites they provide, and the tools they offer for increasing SEO are usually sparse or nonexistent. Or they expect their users to be SEO experts themselves, providing very little guidance on how to properly fill out the extremely important SEO aspects of your site and its specific pages.

That's why it's worth considering hiring a professional web design company like StyleLabs to build your site, since all of the SEO will be taken care of for you. 

Web Design That Helps Your Business Grow

In today’s online world, business websites are competing aggressively against each other. If you want to stand out from the crowd and get the most from your website design, the best step you can take is investing in expert web development services.

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