The Top 5 SEO Myths

Looking to dip your toes into the vast and sometimes confusing world of SEO? Spend any time online and it's not hard to come across contradictory advice when it comes to search engine optimization. Here are the five biggest myths you need to know before proceeding any further. 

SEO is one of the most controversial topics on the web. Everyone knows an expert who swears to have the ingredients to the secret sauce Google uses to cook up their ranking algorithm. But no one — aside from Google itself — knows exactly what is needed to rank high for certain keywords or phrases. I guess that might be the first myth debunked. Here are five more. 

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The Top 5 SEO Myths

It's easy to see how myths and falsehoods can spread so quickly with regard to search engine optimization. Since nobody knows exactly what algorithms the main search engines are using to determine their rankings, hustlers and unscrupulous companies can easily take advantage of naive business owners or entrepreneurs by promising them they can get them to page one of Google.

With that in mind, here are the top five SEO myths that you should be aware of before ever hiring someone to help you with it. 

1. "I guarantee I can get you to page one of Google"

We'll start with this one because it's the main sales tactic so-called SEO or digital marketing agencies use when recruiting new clients. No one — not even us here at StyleLabs — can guarantee they will get you to page one of Google. We never tell potential clients that. We tell them that over 90 per cent of our clients rank on page one of Google for more than 10 keywords relevant to their business. Because it's true.

Does that mean we can guarantee to get you or your website to page one? Nope. If someone ever tells you this, run. Your wallet and website will thank you. 

2. Keyword density is critical for improving your rank

Do keywords matter? Yes. Do you need to reach a specific percentage of keyword density to reap the rewards keywords provide when it comes to SEO? No. Can you hurt your page rankings by stuffing too many keywords onto a page? You bet. 

Keyword density used to be a driving force for page rankings in the mid 2000s with roughly 5.5 per cent being the Goldilocks zone. But as time has gone on — and Google has gotten better at recognizing natural language patterns — keyword density no longer plays the same role it once did. And if you think you can stuff your page full of them without any negative consequences, we highly recommend you think again. 

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3. Backlinks (or links) don't matter

PageRank is still one of the most important ranking factors for Google. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. What is PageRank? It's a signalling factor that is wholly devoted to links and link building. It basically tells Google which pages are popular. Which is a big component of how Google determines its rankings.

Since Google (and the other search engines for that matter) haven't been able to come up with a better way to determine how popular something on the internet is, you can bet your bottom dollar that backlinks and link building will remain a huge aspect of SEO for the foreseeable future. 

4. Content isn't important anymore

This myth is trotted out more and more nowadays as more people throw their hat into the SEO ring. These 'hustlers' as they're called in the SEO community have been saying for years that content is dead (same with links). It's not true. They're only saying this because they probably can't write good content that is relevant to your business or don't want to invest in the time and money it takes to create it. 

Content is still the best way for Google and the other search engines to determine how relevant your site is for certain keywords and it will rank you for those keywords as a result. If your site doesn't have good content (or any at all), then how are customers going to navigate the sales process? They won't. 

5. Buying Google Ads will boost your organic rankings

This is a common selling point from companies who provide pay per click services. So of course they want to sell you on this. Google has categorically denied that buying their ads has any impact on rankings, either positively or negatively. There's also no evidence whatsoever that purchasing Google Ads will translate into improved organic search rankings. So if anyone ever calls you and says they can improve how you rank organically on Google by having you buy a bunch of Google Ads, don't believe them. 

With so much disinformation surrounding SEO readily available on the web — and lots of people looking to profit off of naive business owners or entrepreneurs — it's easy to see how so many of the myths listed above can proliferate. Hopefully after reading through this article though, you'll be hipper to their game. 

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