What Is Influencer Marketing?

If you spend any time online, you've likely heard of "influencer marketing". But is it the right choice for your business? Find out in this guide from our Calgary marketing company.


What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer mentions are somewhere between a subtle recommendation/review and an official endorsement. Influencer marketing is not an advertisement, and usually can appear in people’s feeds organically, while still promoting your content. In some industries and niches, audiences tend to trust these recommendations more than overt ads because they come from a respected and known celebrity, community member, or peer. 

Some key benefits of influencer marketing can include:

  • the ability to reach a specific niche
  • the ability to engage with a younger audience

Frequently Asked Questions

Do All Influencers Have A Large Reach? 

Some large companies opt to choose one highly popular or celebrity influencer, while others opt to choose many influencers. Even among non-celebrity influencers, some have very large audiences while others are mid-sized or micro-influencers. 

Which option is best depends on your goals and your company. The right marketing agency can help you assess and contextualize each type of influencer’s strengths and weaknesses.

How Do I Find An Influencer That Fits My Industry?

Most influencers, if they are not a celebrity, have some sort of niche.

  • Some influencers' niches are very specific, such as cooking, music, or parenting, while other influencer's niches are related to broader concepts such as "lifestyle".
  • The right influencer should not just address the right niche but should ideally fit with your brand's image and feel.
  • However, depending on your product, the influencer(s) could be outside of your industry or brand personality if the message is adapted appropriately.

What Platforms Do Influencers Focus On?

Some influencers may be more active on one platform than others, and this may also affect your choice of influencer. Instagram is often cited as the a popular choice.

Other popular platforms include:

  • Snapchat
  • Youtube
  • Facebook longer posts and longer videos
  • Linkedin

Why You Should Work With Your Marketing Agency If You're Considering Working With An Influencer

If you decide to work with an influencer, there are numerous reasons why you should follow this course of action with the help of a reputable marketing agency.

Influencer marketing can sometimes be a “moving target”, and measuring ROI is often cited as a top challenge. It can also sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between someone who is simply popular, someone who is a product advocate (and may or may not deliver results), and someone who is a true influencer (can influence followers’ decisions).

Your marketing agency can help you measure and analyze an influencer's engagement rate, reach, and more. This will help you contextualize what sort of return on investment you can expect.

Additionally, some jurisdictions can have specific rules about disclosure. For example, some influencers need to disclose that they have been paid or rewarded for promoting a specific product. If this is not executed correctly, it can accidentally violate platform community guidelines or even laws. This could put your business’ online presence temporarily or permanently at risk. Your marketing agency can help you ensure that all of these standards are met.

Before Reaching Out To An Influencer...

Before reaching out to an influencer, your marketing company can help you focus on key topics including: 

  • decide on the purpose of the campaign
  • decide on audience/demographic you would like to reach
  • decide on whether you seek to work with an influencer for an entire campaign, or simply a single post or video
  • deciding on your budget in advance can also help you focus on influencers in your price range and assess which options will allow you to get the most for our investment

Is Influencer Marketing Right For Me?

While influencer marketing is a hot topic, this doesn’t mean that every business should rush to Instagram to find one. A consultation with a marketing agency can help you determine whether influencer marketing would work for you, and how it would fit into your overall marketing strategy. To find out more, contact us at 587-880-3358, or reach out to our team through our online contact form

To find out more, visit our Calgary office at 622-5th Avenue SW, Unit 222. Alternatively, you can contact us at (587) 880-3358 or fill in our online contact form.



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