What You Need To Know About Video Content in 2018

For the past several years, the amount of attention devoted to video marketing has increased. In this blog, we’ll outline why you should use video if you haven’t already, and how to develop a style that works for your company.

Why Use Video?

1. It’s Effortless - Forbes notes that videos are easy to absorb and share, and can capture the interest of ‘even the most dismissive’ of buyers.

2. It’s Memorable - Video can grab browsers’ interest as they can scroll through a sea of static content, and can deliver a quick, poignant message in just a short amount of time: it’s more engaging than photos but more digestible than text.

3. Youtube Is The Second-Largest Search Engine - Consumers turn to Youtube for a wide variety of reasons. They seek product reviews or demonstrations, tutorials, news clips and informative content, entertainment, and more. Creating a channel can help establish you reach searchers. According to Youtube, they have over 1 billion users--that’s 1 third of the internet!

4. It’s In Demand - According to Social Media Today, video content takes up to one-third of the time people spend online. According to Wordstream, it’s in demand cross-platform, with 82% of Twitter users watching video content on Twitter and almost half of the people watching more than an hour of Facebook or Youtube videos each week!

5. It’s Shareable - 92 percent of those who watch video content share some of this content with others.


What Is The Best Video Option To Suit Your Brand? 

Before beginning to create videos, it is essential to determine what style and format will best suit your brand. Some popular video style options for businesses include:

How-To Videos

Tutorial videos, or explainer videos, can capture the attention of people seeking instructions, life hacks, and solutions to problems. While these videos don’t directly pitch a sale or product, they provide your viewers with value and establish you as an expert. This can keep your company top-of-mind when your viewer has need of a larger service.

For example:

  • a fitness trainer could showcase exercise tips and tricks
  • a hairstylist could provide styling tips or product reviews
  • a home improvement company could provide tutorials for solving issues homeowners can remedy themselves

Service Overviews

An overview of your services can be an easy way to show consumers what to expect. For example, you could make a video following one of your clients through their journey, be it a windshield session or the lead up to an event your catering company is organizing for them.

Product Demos

It’s one thing to see a product sitting static on a shopping app page, and another to see it in action. Product demos help customers see and understand your product in a more dynamic way, and to see what sort of problems it solves or how it enriches their life.


In previous blogs, we’ve already explained the incredible value of well-managed reviews. Think of video testimonials as another way to reap the benefits of word-of-mouth. These authentic videos can make a significant impact, especially if they gain traction on social media.

Live Videos

Live videos can be a highly-engaging way to connect with your audience. First of all, live videos are often shot in a more spontaneous way, which cuts down on time spent scripting and editing.

Not only do live videos create a sense of greater authenticity, but they also come with a degree of FOMO: viewers watching a live stream won’t want to miss seeing the events as they unfold. This may be why, according to Cyberclick, users spend three times longer watching live videos than they do watch pre-recorded videos!

Live video can be a great way to showcase events, contests, and promotions. In addition to allowing viewers to see the event as it unfolds, live video can showcase behind-the-scenes moments of an event.

Meet-The-Team Videos

In today’s crowded landscape, standing out through authenticity is key. If you have a dedicated, team, showcasing this through video can be a great way to build connections with customers and boost trust.

Are Gifs An Option?

Want to keep things short and sweet? You could even try using Gifs, which WordStream characterizes as more engaging than video but requiring less investment than videos or carousels.


What Is The Ideal Video Length For Marketing?

The ideal length of a video depends on the platform you are using. For example, while consumers are amenable to watching long-form content on YouTube, they are more receptive to short videos on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. Depending on individual platforms, videos that are around 2 minutes in length get the most engagement.


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